Boating Season 2015: A Look Back

Boy and a boat

With the holidays in our wake and a New Year creeping ever closer, it seems a fitting time to reflect on the past boating season while updating ASailingStory’s followers on where we left off.

IMG_3635On a bone-chilling morning in late October, Karen and I motored from a nearly deserted Essex to our winter home of Portland, a distance of about 27 miles up the river. Not knowing that November and December would be a pair of the warmest months on record, we wrapped ourselves in layer-after-layer of clothes until we resembled the Michelin Man. At one point Karen pulled a fleece blanket from her bag of tricks, asking if I wanted to share it. Too proud (some say stubborn) to command my boat with a red fleece on my legs, I responded, “ohh no!”

An hour later I’d swallow my pride and say, through chattering teeth, “ok…

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A Brief Introduction to High Latitude Outfitting

To accompany last month’s blog on tips for sailing south for the winter, here are some tips from on prepping for an ocean or around-the-world voyage, including traversing the world’s more northern passages.

“Preparing a boat for an ocean voyage is a big process, and it requires even more effort and planning if you intend to cruise the world’s higher latitudes.” — Blue Water Sailing’s blog,  “A Brief Introduction to High Latitude Outfitting,” November 19, 2015

As with any voyage, long or short, ocean-going or lake powerboating, don’t forget to bring an extra Globe Marine Run-dry® Impeller. Don’t get stuck out there without one!


Map of the Northwest passage by Roald Amundsen, 1903-1906

Smooth seas, cheap fuel, and surviving a cult

A sailor finds curiosities off the coast of Massachusetts, no less! We’ll take credit for the smooth seas and cheap fuel, but not the cult. **Oooh-ooh, New England!**

Boy and a boat

Delivering Gizmo, a Duffy 37, with her owner Ben Ellison, who serves as Senior Electronics Editor for Power & Motoryacht and the AIM Marine Group, we found day three would be a lay day in Plymouth, Massachusetts, courtesy large seas and strong winds, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. I got to go ashore and reconnect with my land-based responsibilities and Ben took to cleaning and prepping Gizmo for the next leg of our trip.

In the evening we reconvened ashore for dinner. We settled upon KKatie’s Burger Bar, just a short walk from the boat and both determined it was the home of the best burgers we’ve ever had. If you’re cruising in the area, take note!

Fishing boats

Cruising conditions on day four stood in stark contrast to the last two days; after a few hours of easy cruising atop flat seas we made it to Gloucester…

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New Mailing Address for Globe Marine

Globe Marine’s Rockland, MA mailing address has changed from 254 Beech Street to 135 Industrial Way, Rockland, MA 02370 — same city, same zip code as before.

Our office and facility has not moved in actuality. The street’s just been given a new name to more accurately describe where it is in the industrial park.

Have no concerns if you send mail to the older street address.  We have every assurance from the U.S. Post Office that we will continue to receive mail without interruption, even if sent to the former address.

Globe Marine Introduces Run-Dry Impeller Model #270

Globe Marine's Run-dry Impeller 270Globe Marine is pleased to announce another new marine impeller model added to its line of world-class Globe Run-Dry® Impellers — the only impellers able to run dry for up to 15 minutes. This model is the fifth new impeller introduced into the market by Globe this year.

Globe Marine Run-Dry Impeller 270 pkg
Run-Dry® Impeller Model #270 (part number 01-12-2046) replaces Sherwood 27000K and Cummins 3974456 impellers and uses Globe’s proprietary long-lasting, self-lubricating, composite material. Unlike impellers made from traditional neoprene materials, Globe Marine’s Run-dry® Impeller is guaranteed to run-dry for up to 15 minutes. Those crucial minutes could mean the difference between either saving your engine or incurring costly repairs. And, this impeller comes with an O-ring to make replacement even easier.

The new impeller is available for purchase online to Globe distributors at

Interested in becoming a Globe Marine dealer or distributor? Apply here.



  • Globe Marine Run-Dry® Impeller Model #270 comes with Globe’s unique packaging, including its matching O-ring for easy installation.
  • 3-1/4 inches diameter
  • 2-7/8 inches wide
  • 3/4 inch shaft diameter
  • 11-point involuted spline with a brass core
  • Globe Marine Run-dry® Impeller Model #270 is for use in water transfer applications only.
  • It can replace impeller models Sherwood 27000K and Cummins 3974456.
  • Suggested retail price is $85 — very competitive compared to other impeller manufacturers using neoprene or rubber materials.

Buy a Globe Marine Run-Dry® Impeller

Find a Store:
  • Use our Find A Dealer to look up the local Globe dealer or distributor near you.
  • Globe Marine dealers and distributors login to at any time to purchase.
Unsure of which impeller you may need?
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Celebrate the Ocean during Summer’s Onset

Since June marks the beginning of summer, the focus is upon celebrating our world’s oceans and seas. Enjoying the water, keeping it clean, and staying safe out on the water are all major movements celebrated and promoted during this first month of summer.

A variety of special days and minor holidays centering on water happen in June:

1) World Oceans Day – June 8th

World Oceans DayThis focus day, similar to Earth Day, has just passed, but its message is eternal. Keep our world’s oceans and beaches clean and they’ll be there for generations to enjoy and use. Whether it’s June or December, everyone can pitch in at any time to keep our waterways ship-shape — not just for the oceans and seas, but for lakes, rivers, ponds, and any other waterways as well.

Want to help? Check this list of websites for the National Seashore or Lakeshore near you for when they need volunteers to pick up beaches, clear storm drains, or join fundraisers. Not near the sea or lake? Check the National Park Service for similar info. Or, plan an event for next year’s World Oceans Day.

2) First Day of Summer – June 21

Happy 1st Day of SummerThe first day of summer, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice, usually is the longest day of the year with the most daylight in the northern hemisphere. It’s the opposite in the southern hemisphere, December 21. What a sunny holiday season the southern hemisphere gets!

Generally, the first day of summer will have between 14 to 16 hours of daylight, depending on climate and whether the sun is directly overhead in relation to the earth’s axis exactly on June 21st, astronomically speaking. With all that daylight, get out on the water and enjoy it while it lasts!

3) Day of the Seafarer – June 25

Day of the SeafarerChances are, even if you live inland or are completely landlocked, many of the goods you buy in your local department or big box store have at one point been shipped by sea. An almost innumerable amount of goods arrives in the U.S. at one port or another initially before being trucked to its final destination. The major coastal cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston are some of the busiest seaports in the world.

On June 25th, commemorate the Day of Seafarer by filling in the sentence and tweeting or messaging across your social networks: “Seafarers brought me … #thankyouseafarers.”  Or, write on the Seafarer’s wall here:

To get the ball rolling:

“Seafarers brought me business! All those boats need Run-Dry® Impellers and DRIVESAVER® flexible couplings, #thankyouseafarers.”


4) Operation Dry Water – June 27-29

Operation Dry WaterProbably one of the most important focus weekends for June is Operation Dry Water. An effort put forth by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators to encourage people to not boat under the influence with the goal to decrease boating fatalities. Boating under the influence is the leading factor in recreational boater deaths, accounting for 16% of boating fatalities.

Take the pledge to support Operation Dry Water here:

And remember, safety first; bring along an extra Run-Dry® Impeller just in case!

Globe Awarded 2nd New Patent for Another New High-Gravity Composite

Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd. has been awarded a second new U.S. patent for yet another high-gravity composite (HGC) commonly used in various types of radiation shielding, such as CT / CAT scans, baggage inspection, airport security, sonar arrays and many others.

See Globe’s info on our Radiation Shielding for more applications and uses of Globe’s HGC materials.

Globe Marine Finalist in #WeAreAmericanMade Contest

Globe (GCS) Marine has made it to the Finals round for American Rotary’s #WeAreAmericanMade contest — for companies with products made in the USA.  GCS Marine has been making all-American made composite marine, engine parts — like Run-dry® Impellers and DRIVESAVERs —  for 124 years and its start in Boston in 1890. 

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