It’s Spring! Time to Replace Your Boat’s Impeller

Why You Should Replace Your Impeller Every Season

Globe High-flow ImpellerGlobe Marine recommends to every boat owner to replace their boat engine impeller every season. This recommendation stems from several reasons and much research. Below is a short list of why the beginning of the boating season is the best time to replace your boat engine’s impeller.

Almost All Impeller Manufacturers Recommend Replacement Once per Season

Merlin Engine Production, Rolls Royce, 1942Sometimes there’s something to be said for groupthink. If 4 out 5 dentists say you should chew sugar-free gum, maybe you should chew sugar-free gum over the sugary kind? Since almost all impeller manufacturers recommend replacing your boat engine’s impeller at the beginning of the boating season, it’s a safe bet that you should probably do so. These recommendations have come from rigorous testing and development. It’s a safe bet that the manufacturer knows what the best conditions — and the not-so-great conditions — are for their particular impeller models.

If You Stored Your Impeller Over the Off-Season

No Worn Impellers

No Worn Impellers – an impeller that’s “taken a set”

If your boat was winterized, your impeller should no longer be in your boat’s engine when first opened for spring. Leaving impellers in the boat engines over the off-season, especially in cold climates, can cause the impeller to “take a set.” More than likely, the impeller will still work, but you won’t get optimal water or diesel flow from it.

Likewise, if you tried to store your impeller in a special fluid over the off-season, it may still “take a set.” There aren’t any developed fluids recommended by most manufacturers for the proper storing of impellers, especially in colder climates. Re-installing impellers that have been stored over the off-season without the package directions can not only be challenging, but also are almost never aligned correctly causing warping or damage to the impeller at best and engine damage at worst. That being said, the impeller may still work, but you won’t get optimal performance out of it.

Impellers Are Reasonably Affordable

Globe Run-dry Impellers with O-rings

Globe Run-dry Impellers with O-rings

Depending on your engine size and model, impellers are a small portion of your maintenance costs for your boat. It really isn’t too much to pay for optimal engine performance and may even save you a little on fuel consumption and efficiency. With those two benefits, the impeller may even pay for itself in a few short weeks. An old impeller, not working at peak performance, may cost you even more over the long-run.

Globe Marine has 82 different sizes / models of our famous Run-dry® Impellers from which to choose — the only impeller guaranteed to run dry for up to 15 minutes. Thirty-five of those run-dry impellers now come with matching gaskets and O-rings included right in the package. Almost all impellers have corresponding models for both water or diesel transfer. There’s a Globe Marine impeller to match almost any size boat engine and anyone’s needs. To find the right Globe Run-dry® Impeller, use our comprehensive online Find the Right Impeller tool, where you can search by model number, manufacturer, or dimensions.


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